6 Best International 420 Friendly Vacation Destinations

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As the weather warms and winter turns to spring, many people are beginning to make their spring and summer vacation plans. If you’re a consumer of cannabis, a cannabis vacation might be a fun way to enjoy yourself, but you might want to make sure that your travel destination is marijuana-friendly. While several states have legalized recreational marijuana, there are also several international destinations that should definitely be on your travel itinerary.

First, there are the U.S. destinations – for those who have no need to travel outside the U.S. The current legal states are California, Colorado, Maine, Washington D.C., Alaska, Nevada, and most recently, Vermont.

While each state has their own offerings insofar as travel and vacation – Alaska has the Aurora Borealis, Washington D.C. has museums and our nation’s best monuments, Washington has the Seattle music and art scene and California has the historic Haight Ashbury district in San Francisco and Hollywood – international destinations can add a whole new spin on your cannabis cruise.

To inspire you to get your passport ready and pack your vape mods and dry herb vaporizers, here is a list of some cannabis-friendly destinations around the world for your travel planning.

Lisbon, Portugal

While not exactly legal, Portugal decriminalized all drugs back in 2001. Jail sentences have been swapped for therapy that remains optional. While illegal, cops aren’t looking too hard at recreational users who are otherwise behaving themselves. Lisbon has also been named as a prime destination in several travel sites so you might want to jump on this before it becomes overcrowded. Another boon is that the hemp market is completely legal and vibrant there.

Nimbin, Australia

If you fancy a trip down under, keep in mind that Australia treats marijuana a lot like the United States. Overall it is illegal, but some states have less harsh penalties than others. That’s where the community of Nimbin just south of Queensland in New South Wales comes in. Here they have celebrated cannabis by hosting pro-cannabis events and allowing open consumption. The locals are helpful towards tourists. Hemp products are sold in town among brightly paints shops and murals.

From states across the U.S. to tropical destinations, cannabis is increasingly gaining worldwide acceptance. There is a world of 420-friendly destinations out there ready to be discovered. To get the most out of the cannabis you pick up while traveling, be sure to grab a dry herb vaporizer and don’t forget your vape mods for those cool concentrates!

Christiania, Copenhagen

For most of Denmark, marijuana is still illegal. However, there is one part where it is, a small locality that is self-governing known as Christiania, Copenhagen. The marijuana-selling stalls were torn down in 2016 – but cannabis is still widely available – and accepted in this city within a city. Comprised of approximately 84-acres, Christiana has its own flag and its own currency and is reminiscent of the tent cities that used to spring up during the counterculture revolution outside concert venues.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Take a pot tour that will lead you to the steps of the very Parliament that legalized cannabis back in 2014 and blaze up in celebration of the historic decision. Tourists can’t legally purchase porro – the local lingo for marijuana – but most locals are of a mind to share. The beaches in Uruguay’s capital city rival those of Barcelona and there’s a good bit of beautiful architecture to wonder at while you’re there. The upside is leaving with more friends than you arrived with since you’ll be depending on them to share their porro. Brush up on your Spanish!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, Amsterdam is a destination that is a must on your bucket-list. It’s the home of the renowned Cannabis Cup. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is decriminalized rather than completely legalized. It is much tolerated in the “green light” or the café district where sales are permitted inside the coffee shops. Though these have decreased in recent years, there are still plenty of places for the tourist to light up. Amsterdam is truly one of those mecca destinations for the marijuana connoisseur due to the number of strains available for use.

Negril, Jamaica

In 2015, Jamaica followed the likes of Amsterdam and Lisbon and decriminalized marijuana. While it can’t be sold legally, adults can still carry up to two ounces without worrying about having to incur legal fees like bail and paying for an attorney. Most of the thanks for the accepting attitude towards the consumption of the plant is the place it holds in the Rastafarian culture. The music and food scene in Jamaica are phenomenal – and the art isn’t bad either. The beaches are a top-notch place to use your vaporizer and take a few puffs.

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