7 Tips That Help You Eat More Healthy

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Getting healthy can seem easy, staying health is a lot more difficult. The key to being more healthy is learning to stick with what makes sense for you and what is easier to keep up with. Doing more to increase your health benefits can help you so much and we all needs tips to know that we’re getting the best health habits our body needs.

1. Eat Higher Fiber Foods

Sure it’s easy to tell someone to eat foods with high fiber, though which foods actually help with this?

– Lentils
– Pears
– Bananas
– Broccoli
– Apples
– Chickpeas
– Raspberries
– Strawberries
– Kidney Beans
– Avocado

This is a healthy list of foods that can seriously make a big difference in the amount of fibers your body is getting some ranging from 5 grams & up to 16 grams of fiber.

2. Up Your Fruits & Veggie Intake

Fruits & Vegetables are great for you. You might find yourself asking what is a good amount of fruits to eat per day?

It’s up to you if you’re on a restricted eating schedule.

It’s better to focus on the foods you’re eating and what you’ll get back from them.

If you’re the kind of person that believes 100-200 grams of carbs are a lot a day you’d be considered a person that’s a fan of “low carbs”, this isn’t necessarily what others may prefer.

A healthy serving of vegetables is usually considered somewhere between 350 & 400 grams a day or you can break it down into 5 servings(80) grams per serving.

Eating fruits is super beneficial to your health and can lower many risks to certain diseases.

3. Eat More Foods Rich In Vitamins and Minerals

It’s safe to rely on your foods to give you vitamins and minerals. Some foods can give you more of a boost than others. You can keep this list as a start to your health list.


– Watermelon
– Acorns
– Squash
– Eggs
– Soybeans
– Whole Grains
– Broccoli
– Cheese

C- Vitamins:

– Strawberries
– Cantaloupe
– Cauliflower
– Oranges
– Kiwi
– Kale

You can also find a rich amount of vitamins & minerals in foods that include Fluoride(tea),Iron(eggs, green veggies & wheat breads).

4. Cut Down On The Sugar

The benefits of not eating a ton of sugar are very solid, you can also choose to cut the sugar out all together if this is a better option for you.

You can lower your chances of heart disease & exclude any chances of you getting diabetes with this tip.

Some of the other benefits of dropping sugar is reduces the chances of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chronic inflammation.

The best idea of dropping sugars is if you’re thinking of doing it maybe you’re not ready to drop the entire sugar product line.

It’s much better to focus on the artificial sugars such as Splenda & Sweet N’ Low.

Focusing more on whole foods is better for your overall health.

5. Lower Your Salt Intake

Being concerned for your health is considered no fun, sodium does play a big role in some of our health downfalls.

Taking less salt can do a lot more for you than you may think, reduction of heart failure, keeps your blood pressure low & can keep you from having a heart attack.

Salt isn’t considered “unhealthy” by any means but in high dosages can create some serious risks.

Reducing the amount that you take in can help lower your risk for stomach cancer & allow your heart to pump more effectively.

Processed foods build your cravings for salts foods so you’ll need to focus more on whole grains, fruits & vegetables to keep your cravings down.

6. Try A Workout Each Day

It’s easy to lose motivation to workout every day, you have to ask yourself if it would make a big difference if you did though.

Working out each day doesn’t only increase weight lose, you can drop the need for supplements & sports drinks with a constant habit of working out daily.

You may need to start out in the beginner workouts before making your way up to intermediate workouts and eventually become better at advanced workouts.

7. Drink More Water

The human body is constantly using water to keep you functioning properly, drinking nearly no water can create a risk for dehydration.

Most of the times if someone is feeling dehydrated they’ll reach for a energy or sports drink.

Clean purified water is a better idea, Your body will benefit from joints that are lubricated, it can make your skin look healthier & help you with your body temperature as well.

More water also means your blood pressure is maintained better & your digestive system can flow normally.

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