Best Free Online Learning Platforms For Academics

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Nowadays, online learning has become a preferred way of acquiring education among many students. It’s one of the industries being discussed on the web, thanks to its many perks. It’s a type of learning that permits students to access learning materials using a computer and the internet. It enables busy professionals to acquire skills to further their careers without having to attend a physical classroom. What’s more? Many platforms offer free online courses, and these are a plus to anyone on a budget.
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Check out the best free learning platforms.

1. eDX

eDX is a non-profit platform that strives to reduce barriers associated with conventional educational systems. These are, for instance, things to do with the high cost of learning, access, and location. The platform has thousands of learners and courses from most of the leading colleges in the world.

eDX allows educators, as well as technologists, to come up with new educational tools. It offers both free and paid courses, and all are flexible enough. If you don’t have enough time to attend your classes, you have no reason to worry. Head to Google and search, “Can I pay someone to take my online class?” You’ll get a professional to help with your assignment and other tasks like essays, projects, and even tests.

2. Udemy

Udemy is a global platform offering various courses to millions of students from all over the world. Udemy offers courses in different languages. Udemy is different from other online platforms in that it permits content creators to design their courses and teach them online.

3. TED-Ed 

TED-ed is an educational platform whose primary goal is to share ideas with learners from all parts of the world. It’s a global network for both tutors and students and serves millions of learners and teaches every week. It features lots of innovative content, for instance, animated videos and a platform for tutors to design interactive learning materials and lessons as well. Some of the free courses offered are, how to self-drive, the causes of turbulence, and the mysterious science of pain.

4. Stanford online

Stanford online offers both free and paid online courses. It’s an educational initiative of Stanford University offering certificate, degree, and executive education. It provides online courses from Stanford’s undergraduate and graduate schools such as Stanford law school, Stanford business school, Stanford medical school, and many others. Some of the many available free courses are; introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship, how to learn maths, and more.

5. Codeacademy 

Codecademy is a favored platform among many online learners. It empowers students with knowledge on how to code in different programming dialects. With this platform, you can complete most of the courses in hours. It has helped many learners with subjects like web development programming, computer science, and data science.

 If you wish to take paid courses with this platform, you can still do so. Codecademy offers a premium plan that you can subscribe to and pay monthly. Codecademy works with other top companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, and Bloomberg.

6. Coursera

 Coursera offers both free and paid courses whose rates range from $ 29 to $ 99. It provides different subjects, degree courses, and specialization programs, but specialization and degree courses are more costly. It partners with various universities and course instructors who include professionals from the top colleges in the world.


 It’s never too late to advance your skills. Besides, various platforms are offering free online courses, and you can take advantage of them to learn a new skill. These free courses can help you supplement your existing education, gain valuable information, earn a certificate, and boost your career prospects.

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